Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sophocles, the Drama King

I think Sophocles is the God of Dramatic events. And kind of sick in the way he can think of incest as one of his main ideas in Oedipus Rex. Initially, I thought that the play is going to be a really sick one, because I thought that the king is going to kill his father in order to sleep with his mother. I shouldn't have jumped into conclusions. After reading the play, then I knew what was actually going on. He didn't know it was his father that he was going to kill, nor did he know that it was his own mother that he was going to marry. Now that's a motherload of tragedy. And jabbing his own eyes with pins? Ouch. With an excellent and vicariuos story line like this, can any other plays be more dramatic than this? Kudos to Sophocles for producing the most tragic play ever read or seen by mankind.


Yong Chui Shan said...

Ya, i totally agree with you, Amanda. It is too dramatic that a good king in the beginning of the drama can turn out to be blind, weak and old in the end. Plus,as a hero who kills Sphinx for his country, Oedipus later becomes a man who kills his own father and marries his mother without realizing it. What moral values does he try to convey to us? 'A good turn deserves to be blinded?'

Kong Pui Looi said...

Yes, I do agree with you that the story is kind of sick that I first thought the same way as you are when i found the word Oedipus in the dictionary. Wow, it was like mother and a son love story. luckly it was not the way I thought i would be. In fact,I find that Sophocles had indeed did a very good job that it had arose the feeling of dread which the Greek called catharsis in me. The play had twisted that the main character, Oedipus do not run away from his fate. The thing i don't really like was the violence cause by Oedipus by jabbing his eyes. That was really gross. It is indeed a good tragic play.

norbahira said...

Hi Amanda, I’m Norbahira (139790) and I agree that Sophocles is one sick dramatist. I mean, how can he not be sick when he wrote such play like Oedipus Rex? Now I know why Sigmund Freud made a whole lot of point to explain about Oedipal Complex- which in common language, roughly translated to lust for the mother. I never thought that such sick psychological problem does exist. Weird, huh? Above all the women in the world, there are momma’s boys who love their mother not in the normal way like you and I love our mothers. Then again, it is interesting, even when you have to read a sick play like Oedipus Rex, because in literature, when you thought that you had enough of depression and hopelessness, there are worst things to read, like…I think you know which play I’m talking about.