Friday, January 11, 2008

Of Drama and Literature

I like to watch dramas on TV. So I thought it'd be the same with the dramas we are studying for Teaching of The Language of Drama. I had never been so wrong. It's much more complicated, and you actually HAVE to study it, not just reading the scripts. Heck, even reading the plays are tough. But that doesn't mean I loath it. In fact, when Dr Edwin gave us the play titles that we are going to study for the next semester, I was looking forward to studying them. Most of the plays - Oedipus Rex, Antony and Cleopatra, and The Importance of Being Ernest are plays that I heard all the time throughout my life, but had no idea what are they about, nor had I the initiative to check it out. Now, I have the opportunity to study it and deepen my knowledge in the world of literature. And I have to prepare myself mentally to swallow its complicatedness and alien terms and languages. I had to.

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Jasmit Kaur said...

For Amanda, she had heard most of the plays throughout her life eventhough not knowing what the plays were about. To me, I never heard any of the plays Dr. Edwin mentioned in class…I guess it’s because I was never interested in plays. However, over the past few years learning and reading a few plays as well as acting it out, had changed my perception of plays. It’s interesting and becomes even more interesting when we were given the opportunity to view the plays. I agree with Amanda’s statement that studying the plays have deepened my knowledge in the world of literature thus making me appreciate and enjoy literature even more. Since the language used in the plays is the main complexity that most of us encounter while reading, eventually many of us had overcome after discussing the plays in class.