Friday, January 11, 2008

Going Deeper

Dr Edwin's class last Wednesday really gave me some insights about the world of plays and theater. Like, I always thought that early plays only served as a source of entertainment, due to the lack in advancement of technology. But I never knew that the plays had religious purposes. I didn't understand why men would dressed up as women to play women roles, and now I know why. And how the Greeks are gods of dramatic plays. Then came the Brecht era where the plays had no drama, and not even a climax. Just pure intelligence for audience to figure out. In my opinion, I'd choose dramatic tragedy over plays that makes me think. But being a student of literature, I can't escape the fact that I DO have to use my brain to figure out all the plays that are assigned. Go figure.


lim whei ching said...
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lim whei ching said...

wow..I thought I am the only one feeling the drowsiness in Dr Edwin's class when he is discussing on the history of theatre. It is actually much more complicated than what we have already seen as it deals with various purposes such as religion and culture. I really feel for the women during that time as they are not allowed to act..who knows if they can act better than the men?