Monday, February 25, 2008

"There's beggary in the love that can be reckoned"

Once upon a time, during the reign of the Rome triumvirs according to Shakespeare's imagination, a brave captain called Antony said this line to the Cleopatra he loved so deep. Why? His love is so great, no words in any language in the world can describe it.
Today, men still can't say how much they love their partner. Why? Not because there's no language can describe it, rather because they are afraid of COMMITMENT. Period. Thanks to Antony, they have the excuse NOT to say that three small words that women love to hear. Because, why? "There's no words to express my love for you". And in truth, there ARE NO words really. We as decendants of Venus,are just willing to believe it, although we secretly cringe that it is far from the truth.
Is it really that hard to say how much you love someone? For me, it's either you love them and are able to proclaim it, or you don't and that's why you can't say it.
But then again, in the world today, there are many Antonys who love their partner more than life. Just like Antony, they can't express it with words, rather with their credit cards. And I would prefer this.

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norbahira said...

hehe..I agree with you..if you can express your love with words, then might as well express it with your credit card.

I think it is bullshit if a man says, "I can't say how much I love you because there are no words to describe it"...??? Hello, ever heard of the dictionary? There are thousands of words that you can use to describe your feelings.

But then again, there are some people who are just acutely paranoid of the word l.o.v.e. And again I agree that these people are just afraid of commitment.

Love comes with responsibilty, not just some outlet to let go of your sexual pleasure or just to show other people that "Hey, there is someone interested in me afetr all" Duh...