Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Everyday Ironies

Every drama class brings us one step closer to understanding Oedipus Rex. First we, learnt that Sophocles is the godfather of drama, hence the jabbing of eyes and incests in Oedipus Rex. Yesterday, we learn about dramatic irony. Not just your everyday irony but a dramatic one. Or I might say, LOADS of dramatic irony in the play. Like, everything Oedipus claims, is oh-so-the-other-way-round. If only he gets a penny every time he say ironic things.
Like our life, we DO encounter ironies. It happens all the time, to everyone. For example, the not so physically endowned people will always get the hotties, and the other way round. Most of the time people will lose their new mobile phones, rather their old junk. When you thought you nailed something, you will always be greeted with disappointments. But when you think of the worse, than only the good things will come.
Ironic huh?

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