Friday, March 14, 2008

Why a Streetcar Named Desire?

I just don't get it. Maybe its the lusty Blanche. But it couldn't be a vehicle for Blanche to fulfill her sexual desires. The play should be called a Streetcar Named Downfall, that'd would be like, so duh, that's exactly what the story is about. Maybe Tennessee Williams wanted to be subtle. Anyway, I am still trying to find a connection between the title and the theme of the story. By the way, there is one part in scene 1 where Stanley asks Stella to catch the meat. It obviously shows the caveman complex 'me-man-me-bring-meat', but in the analysis at, this throwing meat activity has sexual connotation. I admit that I can be very dirty minded, but, not in this case. So, if anyone is more dirty minded than me, please fill me in, okay.

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Luvin Literature, o not... said...

I would say maybe you like 30 days of September more than Streetcar Named Desire. indeed, i think the title itself is just fine. In spite of changing it to Streetcar Named Downfall, i think that it might only ruin the whole issue in the play. In my opinion, William named the title as it is because of few reasons. From what we read, this play is about the 'downfall' of Blanche. but, the most important part of this story is not about her downfall but it is about WHY does it happened. Streetcar in the title refers to the journey of life which have been overpowered by her sexual desires (I am not sure about other desires, that's what i see the most here)and in the end lead to her own suffering. it is human action and flaws that leads to one's own tragedy. Seriously, i think this play is really meaningful and leave a mark on me. Sex is not everything in life indeed.
Hmm..Commenting on what you had said doesn't mean i am more dirty minded than you though.. =)